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We are committed to providing you with the best possible Tax & Business consulting. We use the latest technologies including top of the line tax software and can use e-file to get your tax refunds processed quickly and easily and maximize your benefits, credits & deduction - State and Federal.

Eli Aviv, LLB, MBA

In 1999 after earning my Bachelor's degree and a Master's degree in Business from Manchester university (U.K.) I passed the BAR exam in Israel and became an Attorney & member of the Israel Bar Association.

As as a founder of a Law Firm, I practiced mainly in Corporate & Taxation Law for 13 years.

In the last few years, upon massive demand for Tax specialist, that familiar with Israel Law & Taxation & USA Taxation, I joined the URS Group, that specialized in Taxation & Business consulting , in Southern California.

After few years that I took care of the clients mainly in southern California (Including L.A. county, San Diego & Orange county) and nation wide, I established my own private practice & my clients can coninue and enjoy our exclusive services, all year long and where they are, knowing that have someone to relay on..

Due to Personal, Pprofessional and faithful service given to all my clients during the years, the majority of the clients joined my practice, whereas they feel "At Home" and they know that they will continue to get the best service  all the time and that they can reach me when ever they need, for any question and consulting, which is Free all year long.

I an active member of California Tax Education Council (CTEC) and qualified for tax preparation for Federal and all the states. 
I am still a member of Israel Bar Association



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